Administrative Assistant

Job Title: Administrative Assistant Coordinator

Reports To: President

Position Type: Volunteer

Level of Commitment: approximately 1 day per week. Hours are flexible to be spread across the week, but you will be required to attend some evening meetings. You will be required to attend monthly Board Meetings (approx. 1 hr per month) and assist with event coordination of approximately 4-5 WAITTA events per year.

Objective of the position: To deliver informative and inspiring WAITTA events, creating a safe space for the WAITTA community to connect, share knowledge and develop.

WAITTA Purpose

WAITTA’s mission is to promote the WA ICT Industry and profession by recognising and promoting excellence and awards in a sustainable way.

We do this by:

  • Informing WA about the innovative and excellence in activities within the WA ICT industry,
  • Inspiring the WA ICT industry to achieve excellence in their endeavours;
  • Influencing everyone to improve the quality of life in every community through the delivery of services using ICT.

What are we looking for you to take responsibility for?

  • Partner with event committees to deliver 4-5 events per year
  • Collaborating and brainstorming event ideas with committee members
  • Identifying event themes
  • Arranging speakers (keynote and/or panel)
  • Securing venues
  • Organising catering
  • Managing online ticketing sales
  • Communicating event information to the Comms Team (speaker bios, event theme, etc)
  • Scheduling meetings with relevant parties (judges, entrants, stakeholders)
  • Developing and communicating event run-sheet with stakeholders

As well as being an integral part of the event teams, you will be working closely with the WAITTA board and the President to assist with the running of WAITTA.

What should you bring to the table?

Have excellent administrative skills, ability to work autonomously, and good understanding of desktop office productivity skills such as Microsoft and GSuite

 Have a passion for event management

  • Have an understanding and/or passion for the technology industry
  • Be a good communicator
  • Be a self-starter and enthusiastic
  • Take effective minutes of meetings and follow up actions



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