The Game Changer Awards

Inspiring STEM in schools across Western Australia - the Game Changer Awards celebrates the innovation of young people as we move towards a more tech driven world.

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The Game Changer Awards

The inaugural Game Changer Awards were held in 2017 and is an opportunity for children in Year 3 to Year 10, to showcase their innovative solutions to the worlds challenges, using project based learning, STEM skills, project based learning, organisation, teamwork and presentation skills.

At the Game Changer Awards, we welcome submissions from teams and individuals, from all types of schooling background to participate in this STEM competition, which gives children, teachers and home schooling parents an opportunity to showcase their STEM Programs and receive recognition for them.

Participants also have the opportunity to engage, share ideas and start new friendships with people from other schools, companies that sponsor the program and VIP guests from the local government and Universities.

The Game Changer Awards is powered by WAITTA. Visit the website for further information and to register.

Michael Lester is the Board Sponsor and Chair of the Game Changer Awards.



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